Samsung Galaxy Fold Starts To Break for Reviewers

Samsung has responded to the problems through a statement to Toms Guide stating, “A minimal number of early Galaxy Fold samples were supplied to media for review. We have gotten a few reports regarding the primary screen on the samples supplied. We will thoroughly check these systems face to face to determine the reason for the matter. Independently, a few reviewers reported having actually removed the top layer of the display triggering damage to the screen. The primary screen on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which becomes part of the display screen structure designed to protect the screen from unexpected scratches. Removing the protective layer might cause damage. We will ensure this details is clearly provided to our clients.”

Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold, a splashy $1,980 phone that opens into a tablet, is malfunctioning for some reporter reviewers after only a day or 2 of use, according to posts on social media on Wednesday.

The issue appears to be associated with the unit’s screen either cracking or flickering, according to Twitter posts by innovation reporters from Bloomberg, The Verge and CNBC who got the phone this week for review functions.

Samsung did not respond to several requests for comment.

The South Korean business’s Galaxy Fold resembles a standard smartphone however opens like a book to expose a second screen the size of a small tablet at 7.3-inches (18.5 cm).

Although Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X collapsible phones are not expected to be huge sellers, the brand-new styles were hailed as framing the future of smart devices this year in a field that has seen couple of surprises because Apple Inc presented the screen piece iPhone in 2007.

The problems with the new phone drew contrasts to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phone in 2016. Battery and design defects in the Note 7 led to some units igniting or exploding, forcing Samsung to recall and cancel sales of the phone. The recall wiped out nearly all of the earnings in Samsung’s mobile division in the 3rd quarter of 2016.

Reviewers of the brand-new Galaxy Fold said they did not understand what the problem was and Samsung did not provide answers.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman tweeted: “The screen on my Galaxy Fold review unit is completely broken and unusable just 2 days in. Hard to understand if this is widespread or not.”

According to Gurman’s tweets, he eliminated a plastic layer on the screen that was not indicated to be removed and the phone malfunctioned afterwards.

Steve Kovach, tech editor at likewise tweeted a video of half of his phone’s screen flickering after using it for just a day.

Samsung has, however, specified that the company does not plan to change plans due to the problems. The Galaxy Fold formally goes on sale on 26 April in the United States.

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