PUBG Mobile Season 10 Tipped to Introduce New Character Called Sara With Vehicle Reinforcement Skill

PUBG Mobile Season 10 kicks off on November 9, and it will bring a brand-new theme, items, missions, and a lot more. A fresh leakage reveals the launching of a new character called Sara. She will reportedly introduce a host of new emotes, outfits, and catchphrases, but more notably, Sara will bring a key tactical advantage. If the most recent PUBG Mobile Season 10 leakage is anything to go by, Sara will minimize the damage taken by any automobile she rides in the video game, a skill that will definitely be available in useful when players want to evade a hailstorm of bullets from opponents.

As per a new PUBG Mobile Season 10 leak video shared by trusted tipster Mr. Ghost Gaming, Sara will be the 2nd character addition to the video game after Victor, who made his method to PUBG Mobile with the 0.14.0 update back in August. Sara will supposedly feature a tonne of new outfits, catchphrases, and emotes, all of which can be opened by finishing objectives and opening accomplishments. But the most noteworthy characteristic about the new character will be her distinct tactical benefit, just like Victor.

“Sara is a car expert who enjoys cars and choosing rides. She excels at enhancing cars, so that they take less damage when she drives or is riding in a lorry”, checks out an in-game description on the character card. It is quite clear from the description that Sara will improve the defense of any vehicle she is in, lowering the damage taken from enemy fire. On the other hand, Victor’s tactical advantage is decreased load time for sub-machine guns.

Nevertheless, Sara’s tactical advantage of strengthening a vehicle will only be live in EvoGround settings such as Payload Mode and Team Deathmatch, which indicates she will not use an edge in traditional battle royale or arcade rounds to ensure a level playing field. The new character will make her way to PUBG Mobile with the Season 10 upgrade, which has actually been officially confirmed to arrive on November 9. Aside from Sara, PUBG Mobile Season 10 upgrade is tipped to introduce a host of new skins, emotes, and clothing to opt for the wasteland style.

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