Overwatch Archives Event 2019 Teased

Popular hero shooter Overwatch is set to have its yearly Archives Event quickly. In the past, Blizzard has actually utilized it to highlight pivotal moments in Overwatch lore alongside cooperative PvE gameplay. This year appears to be no various with Blizzard teasing what we can expect from the Overwatch Archives Event 2019. A newspaper article has been posted on the game’s main website, speaking about an obscure rum distillery whose owners were used a great deal of cash to sell it off. On refusing, it led to it being burned down in what could be arson.

This has led Overwatch fans to speculate that Talon– the game’s bad guys, are behind this and that we could see this year’s Archive Event embeded in Havana.

After this post increased, the Overwatch Twitter account dropped a teaser with a voice message for Soldier 76 from somebody called Sojourn recommending he selects Tracker, Mercy, and Winston for an objective that would have them pursuing the accounting professional of Talon leader Doomfist. This might lead to the occasion focussing on these five heroes: Soldier 76, Mercy, Winston, Genji, and Tracer.

One possibility is that Sojourn could be added as a new hero but that’s unlikely seeing Baptiste has actually simply signed up with the lineup. Interestingly, Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu did verify that Baptiste would play a role in this year’s Archives storyline although he was tightlipped on the specifics. Possibly we’ll know more in the days to come.

Unlike previous Overwatch heroes that are a part of Talon, such as Moira, Reaper, and Doomfist, Baptiste isn’t that high up on the org chart. He will, however, have his reasonable share of in-game discussion interactions with those from Talon.

” Talon has a lot of hierarchy, he doesn’t have like a seat at the table like Doomfist or Reaper,” Chu says. “He’s an important operative but he’s not a visionary or a huge leader. He’s lower down the hierarchy and has a couple interactions with various heroes. Definitely with those from Talon since he’s got a long history with them.”

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