iOS 13 Will Finally Get Rid of the Volume Indicator

Apple on Monday revealed iOS 13 with a bunch new functions. But among the functions that the Cupertino giant didn’t showcase at its WWDC 2019 keynote is the addition of a redesigned volume HUD. The brand-new arrival fixes the irritating volume indicator that puts a large overlay in the middle of the screen, obstructing whatever you are watching. Unlike the existing volume control, the revamped volume HUD appears in the upper-left corner, comparable to what some third-party apps had done on iOS as a workaround. The volume level indicator emerges as a big slider at the side of the screen once the volume button is pushed, but with subsequent presses, the slider diminishes down to a thin line. The brand-new experience operates in both picture and landscape views on the iPhone, and is also a part of brand-new iPadOS.

As a list of early iOS 13 beta testers have kept in mind on Reddit, the revamped volume HUD is a part of the brand-new iOS platform. Apple on its website likewise mentions that the redesigned control appears in the upper-left corner of the screen. This assists avoid disturbance with your content.

The existing volume control inhabits a large square space in the middle of the screen. Nevertheless, its revamped variation is primarily designed to boost the user experience by supplying the volume slider on the upper-left corner. As we mentioned previously, the brand-new control initially looks like a huge slider but once you press the volume button or touch the screen to increase or decrease the volume level, it even diminishes down to a thin line.

Apart from being at the left side of the screen in the picture mode, the upgraded volume control in iOS 13 relocate to the middle of the screen (still at the top) when the gadget is changed to the landscape position.

Significantly, the updated volume control has actually been long awaited on iOS as Apple has actually been supplying the same meddlesome experience for quite a long time.

Together with the redesigned volume HUD, Apple has actually added mouse support to iOS 13 and the brand-new iPadOS. The function comes as an AssistiveTouch feature and allows users to finally include a USB mouse to their iPhone and iPad gadgets.

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