Google Maps Car Navigation for Android Gets Departure and Arrival Time Feature

Google Maps has been on the receiving end of multiple new functions over the previous few months such as auto-rickshaw mode, approximated ride fare details and suggested routes among others. The latest feature making its method to Google’s navigation app is journey time estimation by including the departure or arrival time for cars and truck navigation. The function has actually currently been offered for rather a long time on the Google Maps app under the public transportation mode, however it has now finally been expanded for automobiles as a navigation choice.

Thanks to the brand-new ‘Set leave and arrive time’ function, which is now available on Google Maps for Android, users driving an automobile can now set the departure time along with the date and time to estimate how long their journey will take and at what time they will reach their destination. Also, one can enter details such as date, time and the arrival date for a journey to know when they ought to depart depending upon the distance. It needs to be kept in mind that the feature has actually been readily available on Google Map’s desktop client for rather a long time along with the mobile app, however only in case of public transport for the app. When it comes to which variation variety of the Google Maps for Android app has the new function, we had the ability to identify it on a wide range – v10.8.0, v10.7.1, and v10.6.2 beta – indicating it’s a server-side rollout.

The new function can be accessed by tapping on the ‘Menu’ icon at the top-right corner and then selecting the ‘Set leave & get here time’ choice. However, it appears that setting the arrival time will not trigger an alert action to alert users when they need to leave, as the same is absent. Another small disadvantage is that if users set the arrival time to know when they must leave, there is no way they can keep a tab on unforeseen traffic jams which may change their departure time. Android Police was first to report the brand-new function’s addition, including that the v10.8.0 version which is readily available on APK Mirror makes it possible for the feature.

Google Maps supposedly received a speed trap and audio cautions functionality earlier this month, together with a speed limitation feature which just recently went live for some users In the United States. While the former is used for seeing reports of events which might cause journey hold-up on a path, the latter enables users to see speed limits on paths in the Google maps app for Android and iOS.

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