Google Home Can Now Remotely Enable Do Not Disturb Mode on Phones

Google has silently rolled out a brand-new function and a behavioral modification for the Google Assistant on Google Home clever speakers. Beginning with the brand-new function, users can now trigger the Do Not Disturb mode on their smart device by just saying asking the Google Home speaker to do so via relevant voice command. As for the behavioral change, the Google Home no longer vocally recites every step it is carrying out that belongs to a regular set by users. Nevertheless, it is unclear when the aforesaid modifications went live.

Android Police reports that the Google Home no longer recites each and every single action of a regular. Previously, the Google Assistant would notify users about every step of a regular that was in development. But now, specific actions in a pre-specified regimen are not accompanied by a singing hint each time a routine is performed. Nevertheless, private commands that require the Google Assistant to respond vocally in addition to standalone actions will still be accompanied by a singing response.

Moreover, another report from Android Police specifies that the Google Assistant will now make it possible for the Do Not Disturb mode on a linked mobile phone through pertinent voice command. For example, users can ask the Google Home to “silence my phone” or “trigger DND mode on my phone” to allow the Do Not Disturb mode.

However in case the Google account being utilized for the Google Home is connected to numerous smart devices, users will need to define the device, on which they wish to allow the DND mode. Based on Google’s assistance page, users can likewise select to trigger DND mode on all devices in a network through voice command. However, it is unclear when the previously mentioned changes went live, or if it is readily available to just a little set of users in particular regions.

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